Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Proceedings of the 1st International Summit on Hurricanes & Climate Change

Springer has announced the availability of a proceedings volume of the 1st International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change titled: Hurricanes and Climate Change edited by myself and Thomas Jagger. The volume is available from Springer.

A 4-day international summit on hurricanes and climate change took place in 2007 to discuss and debate various scientific issues related to this important topic. There were 77 attendees from 18 different countries who participated in the summit.

This volume is a sample collection of papers from talks that were presented. The chapters are organized around the broad hurricane-climate themes of empirical evidence, statistical methods, and numerical models. A major focus of the conference was the importance of statistical models for understanding how hurricane activity is changing and may change in the future. Emphasis was also placed on evidence of low-frequency swings in hurricane activity using historical and geological records. Results from various high-resolution numerical models, including a 20-km mesh model, were consistent in showing stronger hurricanes in a warmer future. Most numerical models indicate an overall decrease in the number of storms attributable to greater atmospheric stability and to a decrease in vertical mass flux.

The volume draws from an international community of scholars in the field of hurricane climate science. The science addresses a variety of perspectives ranging from the micro-physics of lightning to geological evidence of prehistoric storminess.