Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Follow the Summit

The 2nd International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change takes place in Corfu starting next Monday. We will archive podcasts of the talks here. The speaker list includes:

June 1

Session 1: M Chenoweth, K Walsh, JL McBride, F Chauvin, R Romero

Session 2: JB Elsner, JD Woodruff, AV Fedorov, K Oouchi

June 2

Session 3: RE Hart, B Soden, ME Mann, A Khain, J Done

Session 4: GJ Holland, YM Tourre, JP Kossin, S Gentile

June 3

Session 5: K Emanuel, SL Lavender, D Liu, B Owens, C Liu

Session 6: J Nott, C Welker, A Osso, AS Daloz

June 4

Session 7: AA Tsonis, K Scheitlin, DJ Vimont, C Wang, J Rumpf

Session 8: PS Chu, R Kumar, S Rahmstorf, MR Lowry